This website is on-the-job-training for me. I’ve waited, hoping someone would materialize to help (as opposed to a random person I pull out of an internet “hat”), and letting that be my excuse for not taking action. That means I was getting in my own way. Can you relate to that? Thank you for your patience as I get better at this whole website thing. Feedback, corrections, hints and tips are welcome.

Get in touch with us (I say ‘us’ as a seed to Future Jody Coyody, who will need help once things get going):


PHONE: 1-984-664-3688

Leave a message, and I’ll get back to you. I text, so feel free to text me if you prefer that.

Schedule a 30 minute phone call to look at your needs and what I offer. I can do energy work and hypnotherapy over the phone. It works just fine. I know, because I’ve found healing both ways. And make no mistake: It WORKS!!